Sister School


Auburn High School is delighted to announce the confirmation of a new sister-school partnership with Jean Baptiste Say, a secondary school in the 16th district of Paris. We look forward to incorporating this partnership into our innovative language program to provide authentic contexts in which our students can develop and practice second language skills. There will be an emphasis on communication among students, classrooms and school communities through digital links and visits between France and Australia, with studies relevant to the curricula of both countries.

Jean-Baptiste Say occupies the premises of an old castle that belonged to Nicolas Ternaux, a rich industrialist of the 19th century. Having been transformed into an educational facility, today it is divided into two buildings dating back to 1882 and 1897 around the cour d’honneur (yard) and the old castle, which houses the administrative rooms. The wood work of the grand living room and of the headmaster’s office have been classified as holding historical significance since 1928.

In May 2015, our Dis-moi dix mots competition laureates, along with our Principal and French LOTE teacher visited Jean-Baptiste Say, where they met with staff and students to initiate what we anticipate will be a close and constructive relationship.