Extra Curricular



Auburn High School have a dedicated staff who are committed to providing students with opportunities to experience success beyond the classroom. Students can access the extra-curricular program at lunchtime and after school. Our extra-curricular program covers a diverse range of activities:

Arts Club
Book Club
Coding Club
DT Workshop
French Club
History Club
Homework Club
Maths Help
Robotics Club
School Production

— History Club

Follow this link to read more about our History Club.



The Health and Physical Education Department of Auburn High School recognises the considerable benefits associated with being physically active. Students build stronger friendships with one another and with their teachers through their interactions on and off the sporting field. Their sense of school spirit, pride and teamwork is enhanced when part of a successful sporting team. And of course sport is also about having fun, enjoying good health and trying something new. Through Auburn’s Sporting Program, more than 200 students represent the school in the Interschool sport competition along with 15 teacher coaches training and coaching the students for these competitions.Multiple Student Leaders provide a wide range of leadership within our developing sport program. The school is affiliated with School Sport Victoria (SSV), and part of the Mullum Division level. If successful at Division level, students move on to compete at Region and then State level.House sport competitions are held in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

The competitive House system consists of four Houses:

Freeman (red)

Hollows (yellow)

Murdoch (orange)

Winton (charcoal)

Year level sport competitions are often held at lunchtimes as well as our Annual Futsal Competition.

The range of inter-school sports on offer as part of the SSV competition include:

Term Term Term Term
1 2 3 4
Softball Netball Basketball Ultimate Frisbee
Baseball Badminton Hockey Touch Rugby
Tennis Soccer Table Tennis Futsal
Volleyball Cross Country Athletics Lawn Bowls
Swimming AFL


Depending on student interest, other sports are also supported. We have recently started our own Fencing Team to train throughout 2015 and begin competing with other schools in 2016 and 2017.

Students sign up to try out for participation in these sports in the Sport Office. Training is usually held during lunchtimes, before or after school.

Additionally the gym (ECA) is open to students on the following days:
Monday: Senior Soccer
Tuesday: VCE
Wednesday: Years 9 & 10
Thursday: Year 8
Friday: Year 7