Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program

Click HERE  to register for the SEAL Year 7 2020 entrance examination. Registration for this examination is closing on 3 May 2019.

Information on the range of tests involved can be found here.

Read more below for information on our selection process.

Auburn High School Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program

Auburn High School offers an accredited SEAL program for students entering Year 7. Our program is fully recognised by The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (find out more about The Academy HERE). This acknowledges the high standard of provision of programs offered to high achieving students in our SEAL program. The SEAL program offered at Auburn is one of only three accredited SEAL programs in the area. The program brings together like-minded, high-achieving students, giving them a sense of belonging and extending them to fulfil their potential. Students in the program complete six years of high school but can complete years 7-10 in three years instead of four. They may then choose to undertake an enriched VCE sequence through our Accelerate VCE Program (AVP) and have the option of taking university enhancement subjects in Year 12, the equivalent to a first year university subject. This provides the benefit of them being able to do a broader selection of subjects at VCE level.

Helping high achievers reach their potential

Students in the program share similar learning characteristics such as the ability to learn quickly, high levels of independence and self direction, curiosity about the world around them and an enthusiasm for learning. The program aims to prepare them for their best possible Tertiary Admissions Rank in VCE. It features an enhanced curriculum with extended work in all areas and an emphasis on problem solving. There is an emphasis on higher order thinking (analysis, creativity and evaluation). Students undertake a research study in the area of science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Other research projects will occur in the arts and humanities areas.

Creating strong connections across the School

Students in the SEAL program do half of their studies in the SEAL group and half of their studies with the mainstream students. This, combined with student leadership initiatives, house programs and camps, encourages good social relationships with the rest of the Year 7 students as well as students in other year levels.

Selection process

To gain entry into the program, students must achieve high performance results in a range of tests organised by the organisation known as Edutest. Students who wish to commence the SEAL program in 2020 must sit for the entrance test in 2019. This test will take place at Auburn High School on Saturday, May 11th at 9am. Registration for the Edutest can be done HERE. Short-listed students and their parents are interviewed as part of the entry process so that a holistic judgement of student achievement and potential can be made.