At Auburn High School student wellbeing is a priority across Year 7-12 and our school has a team of health and wellbeing specialists who are available when students and their families need assistance. The wellbeing team is able to assist with personal issues, family issues, study difficulties, attendance issues, school uniform or books.

We offer individual counselling, case management, student mediation and the delivery of various programs; along with whole school health promotion activities such as, National Youth Week, RUOK Day and Mental Health Week. We work closely with external services and agencies to ensure our students and their families receive the best support.

Its members can be contacted through the front office.

Name Role Availability
Ms Leah Rintoule Student Wellbeing Coordinator Monday – Friday
Mr Anthony Smith School Chaplain Monday and Tuesday
Ms Leigh James DEECD Nurse Monday and Thursday
Ms Amber Kenny DEECD Psychologist Monday (weekly) and Tuesday (fortnightly)

Homework Club

This program is run after school on a Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm in the School Library. The program is designed to assist students from across the school with their homework and is run by our School Chaplain. Some light snacks are provided.

Peer Support

The Peer Support Program provides induction and support for Year 7 students to assist them in making the transition from primary to secondary school. The program is led by a group of 20 trained Peer Support Leaders from Year 10. The Peer Support Program is also supported by the Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

The program is run by the Peer Support Leaders weekly throughout Term 1 and has set activities and games, with a goal of helping the Year 7 students learn about the school, develop friendships and provide a safe and fun space for students. The Peer Support Leaders will maintain contact with the Year 7’s throughout the year, and serve as a ‘go to’ person for any questions, concerns or ideas Year 7 students may wish to share with them.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It’s a simple tool that gives a sense of calm, clarity and contentment. Smiling Mind is a unique web and App-based program developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy, Mindfulness Meditation and web-based wellness programs. Smiling Mind is a free tool that will assist in improving the lives of young Australians, and is available online or as a smartphone App.