Senior Students


The VCE Pathways approach

The VCE Pathways approach is designed to assist students to get into the tertiary course of their choice.

Students are asked to choose VCE studies that have identified pathways to tertiary courses, rather than the traditional approach of selecting a range of subjects that may or may not be related to a particular pathway.

At Auburn High School, we help students to consider where their future interest lies and assist them to choose the VCE subjects most likely to take them there.

You can read the 2019 Course Selection Handbook here.AHS VCE Course Selection Handbook for 2019

Co-curricular program

Senior School students are expected to provide leadership for the rest of the school. This is done by taking on many leadership positions in the school, from School and House Captains to SRC, clubs and sport.

There is a strong correlation between co-curricular participation and high academic achievement. Usually our very best students are all-rounders and they actively create opportunities to combine work, leisure and personal growth. Being an all-rounder helps with organisational skills, refreshes students for study, and gives them a chance to develop the full range of their abilities and interests.

Entering Auburn High School at a senior level

A number of new students start at Senior School level. Some of these students go on to become student leaders, such as House Captains, Form Captains and SRC Representatives.

Student wellbeing

A Student Wellbeing Coordinator is available to assist students and parents. Sometimes concerns may be school related, such as workload, time management, teacher or friendship problems, or outside of school issues, such as family, friends, relationships, balancing responsibilities or financial problems.

Referrals to outside agencies are made where appropriate. Guidance Officers are also available at the school and the Student Wellbeing Coordinator will make these referrals when necessary.

Workshops for students are organised during the year to promote the wellbeing of students. Guest speakers with expertise in adolescent issues are organised to talk to different year levels throughout the year, focusing on adolescent health and safety, managing stress and other areas.