Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team - 2018(1)

Students bring valuable insights and experiences to the school community. At Auburn High School, we place a significant emphasis on developing a student voice and student leadership opportunities.

Student leadership programs play a valuable role in teaching young people about team building, decision making, leadership and responsibility.

The Auburn High School Student Leadership model is built around the four School values, Diversity, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence and aims to give students across all year levels opportunities to lead by example in the pursuit of these values.

The Student Leadership program supports students to develop their leadership capacity and skills through a wide variety of opportunities reflecting the diversity of interests and skills within our school community. Formal leadership roles include School Captains, House Captains – Junior School, Middle School, Senior School and Peer Support Leaders.

Student Leaders are expected to respect their position of trust and responsibility in the school, to represent the diversity of our school community and aspire to fulfil their duties with excellence at all times.

School Captains - 2018(1)

Senior Leaders - 2018(1)